About Me

We believe life can be simple, organized, functional, beautiful and green. And we're blogging about just that, on a one income budget,
 in a two income world.
I'm Ashli and I was born in the wrong era, I was meant to live in the 50's. Although in some ways I do, I've been a housewife since the day I was married 6 years ago.
I live in Big Beautiful British Columbia, with my husband Lee and our Fur-baby Max.

Together we are striving to live simpler, and greener.

We just bought and moved into our dream home. Our Main goal once we were married was to own our very own, fully detached home, we scrimped, we saved then we blew it all on our new house!

Our house is a new build home, full of space, devoid of character. We spend our days and limited budget adding character and charm to our new build suburban Manor.

This blog is about house, home, style, life and everything in between.

This blog is for everyone with a passion for home. This blog is for my mom who lives farther away then either of us would like.

And this blog is my answer to everyone who has ever asked me what I do all day!


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