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    Never think about how much you’ve got left to do or you’ll never finish, just give up and drink tea instead!

    I take skirting off, because cutting in along skirting makes me sob, and that way I can properly cover the floor. So, skirting off, tape glass, sockets, light fittings etc, then paint ceiling first if it’s being done (because it’s easier…[Read more]

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    I think I used to pay £200 a month and that was as soon as I had left uni and was in employment. However whatever my mum charged they would have taken earnings into consideration, i.e. she wouldn’t have charged £200 if I was only bringing home a small amount. They worked it out on extra water charge having me there (they would see the increase i…[Read more]

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    I really feel for you! Iv’e had 2 and just wanted to pull my head off.
    Orajel is amazing stuff but you have to be careful using it, it has an almost immediate numbing affect and really does work but i found when i used it that when some went on the gum at the back it felt like my throat was closing up and i got a bit panicky. It wasn’t but the…[Read more]

  • Up Como way? Yes! Venice is a tourist $%& hole.

    We used have a few weeks for a few years, early summer, in a villa in the Tuscanan hills between Pisa and Firenze, for free.
    the BiL was caretaker for an Aussie artist there. That was cool

    Where’s it all gone wrong?

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    I had some gel heel thingies that stuck in the shoe and had a hole under where the pain was located. They were easily removed and stuck in other shoes, if the jelly sticky bit became manky it could be washed off without damaging the stickability. Best things ever for PF!

  • Have you tried Marbella? It is really lovely there, has the most beautiful marina and outside restaurants overlooking the marina and ocean.

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    I wouldn’t spend money on probiotic foods but it is possible to buy and store in the fridge capsules of lactobacilli, can be eaten with yoghourt of any kind or taken with milk. “Colony ships” if you want to think of it that way. Very helpful and helped me resolve something that troubled me for months. Good idea to take these as you finish a cours…[Read more]

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    just another thought occurred to me- do you think there would be any bad effects from going to altitude on rivaroxaban? We are going to the alps this summer. what worries me is because I wouldn’t be getting my INR done, how will I know how thin/ thick my blood is? Thanks everyone

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    Thanks guys. I’m going to speak to GP today. I think rivaroxaban would be better choice for me

  • Hi guys. I wonder if anyone can help me here. I take warfarin for a DVT 6 years ago but have now been offered rivaroxaban. From what I can gather, I wouldn’t need to have my INR done with this, but i’m a bit hesitant, because how would I know if my blood got too thin or thick? But as I travel a lot, it would be great if this was ok, because obv…[Read more]