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    Fitted my own IKEA kitchen cabinets myself 12 years ago. Not difficult. Got a polished slate worktop made by a place near Carnarvon.

    Osmo hardwax oil is a great product. Very hard wearing.

  • i just bought cheap stainless supermarket pans when I got my induction hob. there are some tefal ones which are great but quite spendy.

  • I had a normal width hood with my induction hob in a previous house. My dad is a stickler for following rules and regs and he thought it was fine 😀

    Fab hobs, I really miss it!

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    Have you thought about getting a burner with a back boiler? After all you’re already burning wood to keep the place warm, might as well make the most out of it…

    We have a large 24kw (or something!) burner with a back boiler that heaters up a thermal store. The thermal store provides hot water at a temperature suitable for radiators (the…[Read more]

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    I purchased one of those extendable poles and a scuttle bucket and it makes like so much easier and it is brill for ceilings but then I am the sort of painter that would have @housemouse rocking in the corner.

    I really like B&Q paint plus they can match paint to any colour you like. I took a pretty blue trug in and they matched it perfectly.

    I…[Read more]

  • Since I was about 14 our rooms were our space (my sister is a **** tip fan)

    I paid rent as soon as I was earning (about 1/4 of my wage) and at that sort of age neither of us would have been very impressed with a parent going into our rooms, to sort out our stuff.

    Washing varied, depending on what needed doing, meals ditto.

  • How old is the pond? The first summer of ours was thick of blanket weed, the second year we had a bit then nothing the third year as the plants had fully established by then. I read online that the worse thing you can do is remove it, apparently it causes it to release more spores and comes back faster. I ignored that though because it was so…[Read more]

  • What are people’s opinions on undercoats versus overcoats? I’ve found that when glossing it’s better to do enough undercoats to give a uniform surface colour before a single coat of gloss, rather than a single coat of undercoat and multiple coats of gloss.

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    I’ve had it in the past. You need to stop walking around in bare feet, wear some insoles, and get rid of any flat type ballerina style shoes that you might have. You can also do various stretching exercises to help ease the pain, rolling your foot on a rolling pin or bottle is very effective.

    Its the worse pain I’ve ever had, even my extensor…[Read more]

  • Depending on how important beaches are to you, Madeira is wonderful. I had a brilliant time, kayaking, hiking, snorkelling, motorbiking, general exploring. I stayed outside it but Funchal was a lovely town to explore, eat out etc. I prefer adventure and spectacular scenery to lounging on the beach so didn’t mind that the coastline is pretty rugged.

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    I think they are worth a try when on antibiotics or if you have stomach problems.


    I usually just have some plain yoghurt rather than anything fancy. You can make your own yoghurt but I’m not sure it’s worth the faff when it’s not that expensive anyway.

  • And the best answer goes to jennifer! Thank you. Your right Im going to try and ignore what overs have said in the past. I got so down recently and if it wasn’t for other people I probably wouldn’t have even got depressed about my height.

  • Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has got any tips or advice on making yourself grow, look or apear taller?
    I have already started wearing height increasing insoles but was wondering if are there any other good ways that I can try to increase my height because I want to be as tall as possible 😀


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    Took it for around 6 months with no harmful side effects. The downside to it is that there isnt an “antidote” as it were so if you get a bleed you may well need treatment. On the plus side its out of your body in 24 hours.