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    I live in a similar house. I think it is worth considering whether attempting to heat large, stone Victorian houses is sensible at all . Personally I think aiming to heat the whole place is either unrealistic cost-wise, or requires destroying the period interior (which I like) and possibly exterior for GSHP. It is however fairly easy to stay…[Read more]

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    Nothing useful to add…

    We wanted to buy a Victorian railway building (actually a hotel built next to the station, by the railway company).

    As well as the general build quality, it was made from proper imported stone and not the local lime-rich sandstone which crumbles badly and ends up porous as the acidic rain dissolved the lime out.…[Read more]

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    You can reduce light with water lilies and the like. Our pond, which gets a fair bit of sun as ponds should, is covered in duckweed too which, although a pain, does do a good job of keeping the light levels down and can easily be skimmed off with a net, or hands, to control it.

    We have lots of oxygenating plants too and the water has remained…[Read more]

  • Thats sounding neat. Verona, Romeo and Juliet. I have heard the opera there is something else. Thanks.

  • We really wanted to go to an Agro Tourisomo at San Gim called Torre del Chuisi, but appears to have shut down. Pool, 16 beds , 16 sun loungers, class a food, stunning views, not sure what has happened.

  • Hi,

    Im getting married after 30 years together, yes call us rash impulsive love birds.
    Plan a, is Venice for 3 nights 5*, then hire a camper van and go off to the Dollies for a few days walking.
    However I hear Venice stinks, is busy and full of mossies in August. Is this true and can anyone think of somewhere else. Want a bit of Romance.