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    Thank you all, I feel better already. My buttons got pressed yesterday when we popped in to look round a place and I found I couldn’t get my hands round or in half the handles. Sadly other end of the country to some of you regarding fitters.

    Cheers muchly!

  • Phil started the topic Kitchens in the forum DIY 4 years, 10 months ago

    So, we need a new kitchen. Now, I think modern kitchens are up there with double glazing for crookery, cheap shit that can cost thousands. Anyone got any positive stories or recommendations to cheer me up.

    many thanks.

  • tda because of how the hob works it can mess with pacemakers if you have one, magnetic fields or something like that. It could alter how the pacemaker is set up, they should tell you in the show room when you buy one.

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    I live in a similar house. I think it is worth considering whether attempting to heat large, stone Victorian houses is sensible at all . Personally I think aiming to heat the whole place is either unrealistic cost-wise, or requires destroying the period interior (which I like) and possibly exterior for GSHP. It is however fairly easy to stay…[Read more]

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    Nothing useful to add…

    We wanted to buy a Victorian railway building (actually a hotel built next to the station, by the railway company).

    As well as the general build quality, it was made from proper imported stone and not the local lime-rich sandstone which crumbles badly and ends up porous as the acidic rain dissolved the lime out.…[Read more]

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    You can reduce light with water lilies and the like. Our pond, which gets a fair bit of sun as ponds should, is covered in duckweed too which, although a pain, does do a good job of keeping the light levels down and can easily be skimmed off with a net, or hands, to control it.

    We have lots of oxygenating plants too and the water has remained…[Read more]

  • Thats sounding neat. Verona, Romeo and Juliet. I have heard the opera there is something else. Thanks.

  • We really wanted to go to an Agro Tourisomo at San Gim called Torre del Chuisi, but appears to have shut down. Pool, 16 beds , 16 sun loungers, class a food, stunning views, not sure what has happened.

  • Hi,

    Im getting married after 30 years together, yes call us rash impulsive love birds.
    Plan a, is Venice for 3 nights 5*, then hire a camper van and go off to the Dollies for a few days walking.
    However I hear Venice stinks, is busy and full of mossies in August. Is this true and can anyone think of somewhere else. Want a bit of Romance.