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    My only experience of ground source is through neighbours who installed one in their stone, un-insulated farm worker’s cottage. They had to dig two huge trenches in the paddock, they regretted placing the pump in the utility room because the throbbing keeps them awake, they had to dig up all the floors and lay insulation then the pipework then…[Read more]

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    No PVA. Don’t use vinyl matt for the mist coat, use contract matt. Get snots off with sandpaper first. You can get sander that goes on a pole if you have other rooms to do. Caulk after the mist coat (use non-cracking).

  • Can you talk to the guy in charge overall – if he is doing this to you then he is doing it to other people too. He’s not imune from criticism and if his leadership style is a problem then his boss needs to know

    I’ve worked for sociopaths and it’s no fun

  • @jaz Think of mining as a code cracking ‘game’.

    A person whose identity is not known set up a software ‘game’ called a Bitcoin Mine.

    Its fiendishly complicated code, and it adjusts itself to how many coins are being successfully ‘mined’, so it only allows a certain number to be ‘mined’ in a given time. So as more people mine, it gets harder to…[Read more]