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    Our kitchen was looking a bit battered and dated but there was nothing wrong with the cabinets so a couple of years ago I just replaced the doors and fitted new worktops at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.

    Got the doors from http://www.kitchendoorworkshop.co.uk

    The main hassle was doing lots of careful measuring.

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    One thing I wouldn’t consider if you are over 50 is a wood chip burner. Their hoppers need filling every few days with heavy bags of biomass. If you get one aged 50 and are tied to it for 20 years by the RHI, you’ll be lifting bags weekly aged 70 – and more frequently in the coldest, most horrid weather. I sometimes wonder how many retirees are…

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  • August most of N Europe will be on holiday, in S Europe.

    Tour around lake Constance ? There is a spa hotel with its own still on the N side, Konstantz is nice and Lichtenstein.

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    Camped in cornwall last weekend on a busy site with a real mix of holidaymakers/walkers etc. Come the 10 oclock curfew you could hear a pin drop. I was astounded and possibly a bit nervous that I was the noisy antisocial git after a particularly melifulous 10.30 guff

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    They are anticoagulants (reduce the effect of blood clotting). They don’t have any appreciable effect on the blood’s ability to store and transport oxygen. “Blood thinner” is a bit of a misnomer.

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    I had DVT and was offered both (or heparin injections) and asked if there was any particular reason I should choose warfarin, and other than “rivaroxaban is newer” there wasn’t. The thing about there being no antidote in the event of serious bleeding (which was a risk) is no longer true, there now is one.

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