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    If the listing of the building allows I would certainly look at some good insulation on the insides of the external walls.

    As you say it will make the window reveals even larger and there might be room features (eg coving) that would make it hard to achieve but I think it would make a big difference. Something like 100mm Kingspan or to be more…[Read more]

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    I was chatting to the plumber about this (not sure why) but he was telling how his parents in law got very slap happy and got it everywhere and he felt he couldn’t say anything as they were ‘helping’. Turned out the reason his FIL enjoyed it so much was that he isn’t allowed to do it at home. Less is more was his take home message!

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    I’m not a keen painter but I can do it.

    A roller is the best tool for walls. Personally I wouldn’t use gloss on skirting boards as It’s hard to get neat. I use Satinwood instead.

    You can use masking tape for the edges but remember you can always go back and correct paint so it’s not the end of the world if your edge isn’t tidy. I made the mista…[Read more]

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    Mmm, difficult situation to be in, especially as you seem to like the (rest of) the house.

    As you stated, there’s not much to be said for this practice:

    – ventilation of the roof-space is restricted which increases the chance of the timbers decaying (even though you say the timbers seem solid, it won’t be helping. When was the foam applied?)

    -…[Read more]

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    Mine paid housekeeping contribution when she left college and started in a job, it came out of her 2nd months wages.
    I didn’t do her washing nor went into her room once she started at college.

    I think its good for them to learn how to budget. Having shown her what came in financially, and how much went out, she realised how little I was asking of…[Read more]

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    Sending sympathy,it’s horrible. A product called Orajel from pharmacy which is topical 10% benzocaine may help a lot with the pain. Worth a try.

  • Yes, there is a Juliet’s balcony in Verona, but can’t remember the back story to it.

    The opera is an amazing location (but take a cushion). I saw Aida, which is the classic for Verona, but I think some of the other operas are more accessible. They’ve got Carmen this year, which is one of the best if, like me, your main knowledge of opera tunes…[Read more]

  • If you’re combining with the Dolomites, then I agree with others that the Italian Lakes sounds like a good option, maybe combined with Verona.

    I’ve only been to Garda, which I think is the busiest of the lakes, but still beautiful. Don’t know the best resort on the lake, but Sirmione is very picturesque. Opera in the arena in Verona may or may…[Read more]

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    I’ve got some custom made orthotics but, honestly, the ones I order online are equally good, just not as long lasting. They are, however, much cheaper than the custom made ones and just involve a quick trim with scissors rather than standing in a bath of plaster of Paris!

    I’ve got very flat feet and that’s a predisposing factor, along with age a…[Read more]

  • I’d 100000% recommend Croatia. Would highly recommend:
    Dubrovnik – we stayed slightly outside the city centre – much cheaper and v easy to get into city on bus. The most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, and surrounded by amazing islands that you can stay on/visit. Lots of AMAZING beaches up to an hour’s drive from the city. The cable car and…[Read more]

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    If they’re in your campsite they’re not pumping out distorted beats whilst driving past my house or queueing outside my office in traffic…

    If you can figure out the radio station, jack it with a little pirate broadcast, your choice of content…

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    Try to identify the weeds before you buy plants. If you have perennial weeds like ground elder you will need to eliminate them before investing in nice plants. Wild flowers will grow best on unmanured ground, with veg it depends on what you want to grow – courgettes and beans love rich soil.

  • Under the toe? Euw, weird! Glad that’s sorted, I bet it was extremely painful.

  • that’s a brilliant explanation, I understand it much better now, thank you.

  • All I know is its virtual currency, and its used to pay for things on the dark web ☹
    And its untraceable.

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    If there’s crawl space under your floor you don’t need to pull it all up but it’ll be a grim job that might involve a bit of tunnelling through walls/piers supporting the floors at mid span. Helpfully someone has already done this in mine, unhelpfully it’s below the local water table making for a difficult work environment!

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    Keep attacking the draughts, you can hunt them with smoke or a candle, ideally in different wind directions. Check electrical fittings/outlets for draughts.

    Some ceiling lights will tolerate a metal hat then insulation over them or you can get fire rated sealed LED units that work under insulation, depends what you have and how attached to them…[Read more]

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    @fuzzy I think less obsessive use of bleach, detol, anti bacterial everything & anything around our homes will have more impact in increasing our tolerance of everything that is around us. We are more bacterial than human, but through media have become obsessed at killing them, the good ones and the baddies.