• I’ve had several design appointments today, I haven’t made a hob decision but no one suggested this, as it would have been a decider from a space point of view.
    Though I also didn’t know that you didn’t have to have ducting extractors these days either 🙂

  • milly89 replied to the topic Charging Your Child Rent in the forum Chit Chat 6 years ago

    I paid 1/4 of my salary to my parents as soon as I started earning at 18.

  • Sardina is lovely

  • yes they can develop. Rather than stretching I’d be inclined to do some strengthening exercises but feel free to take further advice on that!
    When I was having issues I pointed out to the physio that essentially when riding my feet were in permanent flexion/stretch anyway- which was potentially aggravating. Interestingly my feet still don’t bend…[Read more]

  • what causes it I think depends on the person, I have some hypermobile bits and some stiff bits, my ankles don’t have a lot of flexibility compared to my knees and hips, particularly on my left hand side which is generally a bit screwy. My left arch is quite flat and the ankle rotates slight inwards (flattening the arch) when standing, though if…[Read more]

  • Most of the research I found when I had a problem indicated that custom insoles were no better than good over the counter ones.

    Mine has completely resolved which I’m still quite impressed by given my MSK issues. For me minimalist footwear when I can (so no drop, flexible soled), and when I can’t I’m ok in ariats, and when I need wellies or…[Read more]

  • Cyprus has everything, beaches, historical sites galore.
    Or, Istria, which is staying with the Croatian theme, but at the moment less well known.

  • Thanks all. I was worried I was being irrational. I go on holiday to spain for a week at the end of June and I’d really like to have another job lined up to come back to.
    We are a small team of 5- me and a colleague at the bottomed, the 2 managers then their boss who is responsible overall for the team. My colleague leaves in 2 weeks as he’s had…[Read more]

  • It would be easy enough to explain – I recently moved 25-30 miles away from the office so could potentially use that as my reason for leaving. Ets- I do completely understand where you’re coming from though! Usually I will get on with everyone and not let personal clashes cause trouble but we work very closely together and he seems determined to…[Read more]

  • I am so close to walking out of my job. I have a manager who consistently tries to throw me under the bus, ignores or over-rides any suggestions i make and persistently tries to catch me out (and fails as I’m doing nothing wrong!). I can’t take any more of it. Is it a really really bad idea to just take a temp role until I find something longer…[Read more]