• We have an induction hob. Never heard about having to have a specific size of hood though. We’ve had ours for about eight years and the hood is still in its box in the spare room…..

    Any ferrous metal-based pans should work. If a magnet doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan, then it won’t work on an induction hob as they work by magnetic induction.

  • Meredith replied to the topic Stomach bug? Top tips? in the forum Health 5 years, 5 months ago

    Drink lots of fluids, you also need to make sure your salt levels don’t get too low in the heat. When I had the norovirus a few years ago, I was advised to avoid dairy products while recovering – I think they’re harder to digest. Something like toast or plain bread, crackers, oat cakes is good when recovering.

  • How much do you charge your child rent per week? Does this include washing, cleaning room etc? My daughters in a trainee position and her wage isn’t brilliant. She has her own car but we pay for the insurance. I’ve just tidied her room and honestly, it would be more hygienic for her to sleep on the streets. I’m seething. Husband and I have threa…[Read more]

  • I have just finished my course of antibiotics having been diagnosed with a tooth abcess last week.

    The pain started on the Monday afternoon – on and off but I could cope.
    The Tuesday i was taking regular pain killers and they were taking the pain away.
    Tuesday night i was woken with the most immense pain!
    I went to the dentist the next day (Wed)…[Read more]

  • Portugal we Are going next week but we booked a hotel next door to the marina at villamoura but there are loads of villas and apartments more so than hotels I would say.

  • @ketih Mum and Dad saved for 7 years whilst living with my grandparents. I was born during this time. When they tried to get a mortgage the sum offered was about £8 ( old money ) too low. Mum’s earnings didn’t qualify even though she worked from school to retirement age! I think the amount offered was 2 1/2 x the husband’s wage. The insurance…[Read more]

  • I don’t understand bitcoin at all but I do know money might just as well be shirtbuttons.
    My parents home cost £1450 in the late 50’s, my first home cost £8400 in the early 70’s ( it was small ), our next £12000 and our present home cost £50000 in the early 80’s.
    It doesn’t really matter what it is worth now because all the prices are relative.