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    Put in an Ikea kitchen a number of years ago. Was a surprisingly painless experience. No sales pressure, helpful design person, flat pack easy to assemble and sturdy. I bought a worktop elsewhere on advice of a friend in the trade and got a professional to fit it. All the rest completed by Sealhusband and me though, without falling out.

  • No, we’re ok with that one.

  • I was very surprised when I read it but it seems that that is the recommendation. Do you have a cooker hood hp, and if so I guess its only the same width as the hob? I really don’t want a wacking great cooker hood if I can get away with it!

  • We are finally planning our new kitchen and I like the idea of an induction hob. I’ve just read that because of the way induction hobs work the cooker hood should to be wider than the hob itself and its suggested that you need a 90cm hood for a 60cm hob. Has anyone got just a normal 60cm hood over a 60cm induction hob and does it work well enough…[Read more]

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    In the short term if you have a tent you could put it up in the children’s room over the coldest weeks. Gives them some cosy space. Or bunk beds with curtains.

    I’ve no idea about efficency, but all the people I’ve met who live in houses like that have an aga or similar and mostly live in the kitchen in the winter rather than trying to heat the…[Read more]

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    You sound like you know what you’re doing!

    Im hypermobile so am just imagining me popping a shoulder out mid wall and ended up in a right mess! Ok so dont cut corners on paint and roller quality, edge first and start praying!

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    I’ve just moved into a rental property and Im pretty sure its not been redecorated in 10+ years and the more i go round the rooms the more its bugging the pants off me. Skirting boards, window sills (wood) etc and its not exactly two up two down so Im a bit daunted.

    So where do I start? are those spraying machines worth the money? Cheap paint…[Read more]