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    biggest problem would be that the window reveals are already deep and this would make them even deeper.

    That’s exactly our situation. It makes it awkward to open/close them but the extra-deep window sills are a great place to put Stuff. We used plywood for the sills in the end – gives a nice look.

    This is the kind of imaginative solution I w…

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    Sorry to not answe your question, but…

    Grade II listing shouldn’t restrict you to badly. You should be able to make changes so long as they don’t damage the features behind the listing.

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    Mine got tough love. Back then £50 a week, when they got a proper job £100. I keep the door on the bedroom door shut, if they left their clutter in the house it got thrown through the door. I do not clean or hoover their room, but I treat them as adults and do not go through their stuff. They got free food, no bills and car help. To put it into p…[Read more]

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    Make a pot of tea, strong, then drink it black. Take the tea bag ( as hot as you can bear!) put it on the infected area. You will look like Brando in the godfather, but ignore that! Keep it there till its cooled down. Repeat as often as you like, and keep drinking black tea (swill it around your mouth and spit if you don’t like it!)
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    Contact your local NHS Counter Fraud team. They are trained to investigate what from your description sounds suspiciously like somebody on the fiddle.