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    Are you sure about the £60 / day for the electric heaters? Running 5 2000 watt electric heater 24 hours per day at 14p per kWh comes to £33.60 per day. (Be careful running 5 x 2000watts appliance – it could overload the ring main)

    bottled lpg is worth considering with a gas boiler and radiator system.

    I live in a 3 bedroom listed building and h…[Read more]

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    With a solid walled place like yours (and mine), the heat losses will be such that the radiators would need to be hot in order to provide sufficient heat. This means that the COP (roughly: heat out/electricity in) of your heat pumps will be close to 1. That means you will be paying electricity prices for each unit of heat. That means it would be a…[Read more]

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    Get the thing taken out asap job done! Hope you feel better soon and are able to fly.

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    Also about to recommend Croatia or Montenegro.

    Vis is a beautiful island and not as touristy as Hvar, Mlijet etc, but best to get a car to get around. The beaches are mostly pebbly but so pretty, and there’s no nightlife, just little restaurants. Easy ferry from Split.

    Also loved Montenegro – much cheaper than Croatia and it is stunning! It g…[Read more]

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    This happened to my wife and I about 10 years ago when we were camping in South Wales. Bizarrely the perpetrators were a bunch of middle aged middle class walkers. I politely asked them to turn the music off at around 11pm then went back over at 11:30 when things had not changed. The music was coming from a car stereo so I reached in through the…[Read more]

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