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    Very Good advice on the voids at the back..carcasses are really critical..

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    Cheap shit is no longer designed to last 10 years, a few years at the most.

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    Going through this at the moment.

    All depends on what you want.low cost modern kitchens are designed to be replaced every couple of years based on the latest trends.the carcasses are poor quality and will not last the abuse in kitchen environments. That is why they are “ cheap””.

    So figure out how much you want to spend and then work from there…[Read more]

  • I’ve got an induction hob with same size extractor too, never heard or seen anything else??

    I bought circulon pans for it in the sales a couple of years ago, they are fab. I can’t actually cook tho’ so maybe not the best example

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    Simple stuff like thick curtains, draft excluders and substantial underlay can make a big difference. If you can manage it, move the radiators from the usual, maximum inefficiency position beneath the windows to internal walls where a substantial portion of the heat generated won’t be immediately leeched outside.

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    Definitely buy cheap rollers a tray and a roller with spare sleeve for £4.99 max

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    Friend of mine has this in their house. At some point you have to replace the whole roof – tiles and everything. So it’s a cost you’ll face at some point – or have to deal with when you sell the house. So you may as well factor it in now. If it’s prohibitively expensive to do it now, it won’t be any different in the future.

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    I think I’ve had a stomach bug .. pains in my tummy at the end of last week, very sick Saturday evening and didn’t really eat again until today (so far 2 biscuits and half a plain jacket potato) Feel a bit queasy since eating but don’t feel like I’ll be sick again hopefully.

    I’m trying to drink lots and had rehydration drink this morning.…[Read more]

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    When I started on YTS at 16, I turned over 1/3 of my allowance to my parents. It was made very clear that this was not “board and lodging” and didn’t come close to reimbursing them for the outlay of keeping me in the house.

    It was a contribution to the household expenses, and I was also expected to help out: washing the pots most nights, helping…[Read more]

  • No to PVA. It’s an old wives tale.

    A cheap matt emulsion is your best bet.

  • What about Sicily? I loved Ragusa and San Vito lo Capo. Taormina fab too,

  • I suppose it depends on how it would look on your CV? If you were interviewing for a position and someone asked you why you left an outwardly good role, to temp short term, what would you say?

    If I were interviewing someone and the gap in their CV was explained away by them leaving due to not getting on with their manager it may (rightly or…[Read more]

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    What’s the etiquette at moderately popular wild camping site? Do the late owls defer to the early sleepers etc? Like a bothy, where you cannot expect people to be quiet to facilitate your wish to sleep? Been at bothies where groups are drinking and singing (not in a scary way) and that is a risk you accept when using a bothy.

  • Lined floor length curtains on external doors.

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    Whether they’re tasty – they probably won’t have any other benefits.

    There are large scale prospective studies showing reduction in the clinical signs of allergic disease in children when used in pregnancy and the first three months of nursing (in allergic mothers), with some experimental data of increased tolerance to allergens in the bowel…[Read more]