• I work full time and earn about 13k per year. I pay my mum £160 a month,, buy my own food/toiletries etc, cook for myself, do my own washing and clean my own room. I pay for my car on my own including insurance, share a horse and pay for that, pay for holidays when me and my bf can get away, pay for gym etc.

    I cant believe some people my age…[Read more]

  • fred99 replied to the topic Campsite Etiquette in the forum Chit Chat 5 years, 11 months ago

    I’ve always found (both at campsites and huts) that the early sleepers make a great point about telling the late owls to be quiet (long before we’ve any chance to even make any noise), and then, no matter how quiet and considerate we late owls have been, they make more noise early in the morning than dustmen bashing old-fashioned metal bins about…[Read more]