• Extractor is same width as hob – works fine. What I really really want however is an Aga

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    Ceilings aren’t easy, but if it is just painting then it isn’t that difficult, just time consuming. A landlord should let you paint if it is a neutral sort of colour. Start with a good clean with sugar soap, rinse and let dry. Use good quality paint, do the gloss first. For emulsion on walls a roller is usually best with just a brush for the…[Read more]

  • Excess nutrients will encourage blanket weed. Plant something like water mint, water forget-me-not. Both are pretty rampant plants and will help to use up the nutrients. A water lily can help too because its leaves spread over the surface and shade light from the water. Even the dreaded duck weed is pretty good at keeping the light out.

    I’ve used…[Read more]

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    I’ve stopped using our new local pharmacy and gone back to using the one in the next village because they’re just too damn intrusive and interrogate you before selling you anything, and then they refuse to sell you stuff – I mean stuff like Benylin Expectorant when you pitch up hacking your chest offf in the shop and want somethign to ease it. I…[Read more]

  • A lot of my friends have rented things off Air B’n’B, and have always been happy. Can’t tell you where, though, off the top of my head, and I doub’t that I could rustle up addresses for you, now, either.

    In the past, I’ve bought a plane ticket to somewhere, booked a rental car in advance to pick up at the airport, then just driven off to rent a…[Read more]

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    Most sites I have visited have rules that are calmly and politely enforced. Perhaps I’ve been lucky!

  • If you have big areas to plant/clear, you can put down thick card and manure on top. The card will kill off the weeds and break down, at which point the worms drag manure into the soil.

    If you want wildflowers, don’t feed the soil. They do better on poor soil so leave off the manure for that bit.

    Lots of veg does well in pots – I use 42L trugs…[Read more]

  • yeah but they are tangible. Bitcoin is all online. Its only a matter of time before some other wizz cracks the code, gets ALL the bitcoins and blablabala. Happens all the time with banks now, cause of the digital money..but you cant physically remove a house or a field.

  • Nope. Don’t get it. Don’t trust it. All i see is some mental IT person sitting back laughing his head off that all these people are putting billions into his account, thinking they are investing.

  • Good thick curtains.