• If you can afford it, Corsica, perhaps the most beautiful 8680 square kilometres in the world (yes, I googled the size!) Mostly for the hills and the coast, but there are plenty of gorgeous towns to explore and the food’s great too.

    On the other hand, Venice is amazing, with huge amounts to see and do, and plenty of good food (though admittedly…[Read more]

  • china man replied to the topic Campsite Etiquette in the forum Chit Chat 3 years, 5 months ago

    I was going to say that you should have been in the pub then anyway but I note you were with some scouts so that makes it a bit difficult.

    It could have been worse. One Summer I went camping with my 12 year old son outside Peterhead. The second night we were there was the start of the Aberdeen holidays. We got back from a days fishing to find the…[Read more]