• I’ve just bought some Wickes Vinyl Matt paint (beech hut blue) and have begun “cutting in” but the paint looks translucent and you can see the plaster beneath it. Should I apply an undercoat first? What sort of paint to I need to use for an undercoat?

    Thank you learned friends.

  • I have been suffering from what I thought was an ingrowing toenail – nice subject – so decided to go to the podiatrist.

    Turns out I did not have an ingrowing toenail, but a corn under the nail. After excavating the corn, with a few moans and groans and sharp intakes of breath, it is a total miracle. No pain at all now and I am excitedly going…[Read more]

  • Prices are relative, yes, but some are more relative than others. I’d like to see a comparison that takes the median income of a person every ten years from 1958 to 2018, and works out how many minutes’ worth of pay it takes to buy a pint of beer, a pint of milk, a bottle of Bordeaux wine, a bottle of Champagne, a litre or petrol, a kilo of…

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  • I sometimes feel that way about money in general. It can only work while everyone trusts that it’s actually meaningful and that governments are going to protect the illusion.

  • Bitcoin is often called a “cryptocurrency”, but in that word, the “crypto” bit doesn’t mean that it’s anonymous or hidden. Bitcoin transactions can be tracked and traced more easily than usual cash transactions, but less easily than traditional bank transactions.

    A good but rather techie discussion of this issue here…

    Stolen Bitcoin Tracing -…[Read more]