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    I’ve done two kitchens myself – all the thick lads at school are now tradesmen so I figured it couldn’t be that hard ;-).

    Online design tools are useful. Think hard about things like opening space for doors and drawers. Think about the ‘golden triangle’ you work in (stove, sink, fridge). Use odd gaps for storing baking trays / bottles. Some…[Read more]

  • burton replied to the topic Kitchens in the forum DIY 3 years, 1 month ago

    There’s no need for a kitchen if you dine at McDonalds.

  • Def attempt to get reimbursed by plumber A for every penny its costing to get put right by Plumber B.
    It will help if Plumber B has done a written report with photos of all the work to be put right, then you wont get into a he said, she said scenario.
    If possible, you could push for damages. Have you legal cover on house insurance?

  • burton replied to the topic Ground Source Heat Pumps in the forum DIY 3 years, 11 months ago

    There’s something in this, and we bought the house knowing it would be hard to heat. At present, we have a room we can retreat to and get warm with a log burner, and at a basic level that’s all we need. Bedrooms are chilly, but actually that’s fine as long as you have a decent duvet.

    Have spoken to a local renewable energy consultancy/installer…[Read more]

  • burton replied to the topic Ground Source Heat Pumps in the forum DIY 3 years, 11 months ago

    Have considered them, and happy to continue to. Marks against them are being visually obtrusive and lower efficiencies in winter due to colder ambient temperature.

  • burton replied to the topic Ground Source Heat Pumps in the forum DIY 3 years, 11 months ago

    We didn’t want to touch our walls inside to preserve damp proofing, and outside is limited by conservation area. So we threw stud partition walls up inside the real walls and insulated those. Added bonus is doing a rewrite is much simpler running stuff in the fake walls.

    This is a good idea, and the route we’ve gone down in both our old house a…[Read more]

  • burton replied to the topic Ground Source Heat Pumps in the forum DIY 3 years, 11 months ago

    Thanks, I hadn’t realised that a higher output temperature dropped the efficiency of the pump. At a COP of 1, presumably running costs would be similar to our existing electric heaters.

    If we accepted that the purpose of the heaters was to stop the house being cold, rather than actually making it warm, presumably we could push up the COP? I…[Read more]

  • burton replied to the topic Ground Source Heat Pumps in the forum DIY 3 years, 11 months ago

    That’s probably the other realistic option. Lower initial cost, and it would mean we didn’t need to dig up the whole garden. At this stage I’d prefer a heat pump for 2 reasons

    1. It’s more environmentally friendly

    2. Installation costs are likely to work out way cheaper in the long run thanks to the RHI subsidy.

  • As the first cold days arrive, we’re experiencing the reality of trying to keep our new house warm. It’s both difficult and expensive. We’ve pretty much written off any solution other than buying extra jumpers for this winter, and our children will have the happy experience of waking up with frost on the inside of their windows. One year of…[Read more]

  • burton replied to the topic Roof – Foam torching in the forum Chit Chat 4 years, 2 months ago

    Find out why the foam torching was done in the first place – if it was to fix slipping tiles then the battens could already be rotten.

    listing building enforcement is unlikely to happen on a grade 2, it’s more about the external appearance and character, which foam torching will not effect. I have just re slated my grade 2 in the Peak District a…[Read more]

  • Mine pays £50 per month. He keeps his own room clean but I do his washing and most of his evening meals.

    I don’t think you can realistically get back what it costs, but to me it’s more of a token gesture to get them used to having outgoings.

    I wouldn’t dream of cleaning sons room myself. I’d ask him to do it if it wasn’t up to scratch, b…[Read more]

  • Oh poor you – there is virtually nothing worse!

    I think it depends on the abscess as to whether the antibiotics work but they should be having some effect after a couple of days. I had to have a tooth out when I had a particular nasty one and I can’t tell you the relief when it was done, although I still have the gap in my teeth but luckily quite…[Read more]

  • Hi

    I’ve a lot of blanket weed in my pond at the moment and I’m struggling to keep on top of it. I’ve seen a few products based around barley straw. The reviews I’ve seen are mixed; from great, through no difference, to made my pond milky before clearing up. Has anyone experience with said products?

    I understand the root causes may be light or…[Read more]

  • I’m getting married in August and have planned a European Honeymoon, although we set off on 1st September.

    We are travelling to Paris by train, with lunch in London on the way. Couple of days in Paris, then train to Barcelona. A favourite place we go to every year. Four days in Barcelona, then a ferry to Ibiza. Five nights in the north of I…[Read more]

  • What’s a mist coat? Do you still apply with a brush?

  • Thanks, looks like I’ll have to head back out to Wickes for some sandpaper and white emulsion!

  • Iv been looking at my arches iv never really noticed this before but I do have flat feet… I don’t know if this was always the case as I don’t remember having flat feet as a child, teenager etc. Could I just have developed them?
    Is it best to just keep my feet up until my plantar fasciitis goes away? Would doing foot stretches worsen things?

    Thanks guys

  • Thanks for the replies guys. Been doing some searching and look like you guys are right and I have plantar fasciitis. Lots of horror stories online of people who have been suffering from endless cycles of plantar fasciitis for years. Cannot seem to find a clear an answer of what exactly causes this condition apart from “overuse”. Once you get…[Read more]

  • I never used to have problems with my feet but recently Iv been suffering from really inflamed and sore heels for some reason. It must be a sign that im getting older. The pain seems worse in the morning and oddly seems to get better the longer I walk on my feet for… but ache terribly afterwards. Has anyone anything similar and if so what helped…[Read more]

  • I have a 4 bed villa sleeps 8/10 with private pool just 10 mins from Malaga airport on the Costa del Sol, in a beautiful quiet area with stunning mountain and sea views. just 1km to 16 blue flag beaches. we have a week in June a week in July and 2wks in August still availble this year.

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