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    Look for the best quality paint you can get at the best price because if you use the cheap stuff you will have to do a million coats. Cheap paint is like water and a waste of money. Never used the spray machines before so have no idea whether they are any good or not.

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    My parents took 1/3 of my wage for the 12 months or so I lived at home after uni – and no they did not clean my room or do my washing!!! But I was often cooked for.
    Unbeknown to me at the time, they saved what I paid and gave it back to me when I bought my first flat.

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    Branded drugs cost more than generic ones do. If a pharmacist is dispensing cheaper drugs than have been prescribed and then claiming for the more expensive drug from the NHS they are over inflating their claim. If he is doing it to you imagine how many people use that pharmacy on a daily basis and multiply the monetary difference by the number of…[Read more]

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    It’s very very common and horrible.
    Insoles work but don’t wear all the time.
    I use a mixture of custom made over the counter insole supports and gel insoles .
    You can also buy socks they do help mine are by mojo..
    You can get pan relief from freezing a small bottle of water then rolling your foot on it stretching your calf muscles helps.
    I hav…[Read more]

  • I’m addition to the Croatia suggestions I’ll add Slovenia. My sister went last year and it looked stunning.

    Greece wise Skiathos is lovely, or Chania in Crete. We are going to Paros this August but it’s a flight to mykonos then ferry across

  • What should you look for when choosing some?

    And can you make your own rather than pay a fortune?

  • Lol how tall are you? 4ft? You should be happy about yourself and the height you are. Sorry that sounded a bit harsh and a bit hypercritical seeing as I wear high heels but my point is that you shouldn’t get your self down about things like this.