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    As has been said, no dairy. Lucozade is frowned upon nowadays but does help, IMO. Or lemonade, let it go flat if that is prefereable. Electrolytes would be good – maybe a sports drink?
    Nothing acidic either, so fruit can be tricky. Dry whole grain bread?

  • Each of mine pay £100 a month. I cook for them, usually, but they do their own washing and cleaning. They also are expected to help around the house and garden. My youngest doesnt pay as yet, as he has no earnings, but he is on a work trial this week, and knows that he will pay digs as soon as he is paid.
    I pay all their mobile bills, but expect…[Read more]

  • I feel your pain, I so remember having tooth abscesses in the past, total agony.

    If you can bear it as a temporary measure to help to burst the little beast, swill your mouth out with hot salt water once an hour or sooner if you can cope with it. It’s quite unpleasant but it does really help to quell the pain and bring the horrible thing out.…[Read more]

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    Different manufacturers shouldn’t be a problem in general. It will be the same active ingredient, it is only possibly the fillers (inert substances) and coating that might differ between brands. Wholesalers may get a deal on different brands, so tend to supply the pharmacy with whatever brand that they are getting the best deal with.
    In most…[Read more]

  • I would leave. I have been in toxic working environments and it’s not fun. This is the first job I’ve been in that I truly enjoy the job, company and people I work with and the difference in other aspects of my life is astonishing too. Life is short.

  • I am so happy for you shoes are just the best feet are just the Pitts I have a serious bunion on one of mine and a messed up ankle due to breaking it I have lots of lovely heels I cannot wear sitting in there little boxes but off course I am not envious

  • Yes, I would lay another 300 or 400 mm of glass wool in the opposite direction to the first layer. It will make a big difference. It should be cheap at this time of year if you shop around.

    If you’re bothered about the warm air going up past the ceiling lights, change the fittings for bathroom ceiling fttings, which seal better to the ceiling s…[Read more]

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    That’s always a risk, whatever anticoagulant you’re on: some people are just more “sticky” and clot in spite of being anticoagulated. It doesn’t mean that rivaroxaban’s crap: it can happen with rivaroxaban, warfarin, heparin injections… if it does happen, then we have to increase the intensity of your anticoagulation: in which case the options a…[Read more]

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    My background: I’m a hospital pharmacist and I specialised in anticoagulation for six years until changing job in December. So I’ve had a lot of discussions like this with patients & doctors.

    The advice below is general, and comes with the caveat that you haven’t provided any other information about your medical history (other than previ…[Read more]