• I pay £300 a month. I keep mostly to myself. I don’t have to buy groceries, just add to the weekly list, and will have dinner saved if it’s saveable or I want it, and will sort myself out if not. I do my own washing if I’ve enough for a wash, but mum will always ask if I have any whites/ coloureds/ darks for the wash. I do my own ironing. I have…[Read more]

  • Hopefully the dentist will be able to put your mind at rest – I think you might have just enough time for the antibiotics to knock the abscess on the head. None of mine ever burst. I found Solpadeine was the only thing that could touch the pain. I don’t think they will take the tooth out where there is an abscess.

  • amyway replied to the topic Controlling pond blanket weed? in the forum DIY 5 years ago

    You need to remove the nutrients that are feeding the weed, and replace with weed with other plants. That means not feeding any fish you have in it and reducing stocking levels.

  • Barnsley; fish supper followed by a walk on’t moors.

  • amyway replied to the topic How to ease bad foot pain? in the forum Health 5 years ago

    Mine resolved itself after 3 months, I used insoles. I now make sure I never go barefoot or in total flatties.

  • I would say Croatia too!! We stayed in Slano, a gorgeous little village 1 hour north of Dubrovnik – we rented a private apartment overlooking a beautiful bay – 10 mins walk to the shops and resturants situated at each end of the bay, there are some lovely places to visit such as Ston with it’s amazing city walls, pop over the border into Bosnia…[Read more]

  • amyway replied to the topic Bitcoin: does anyone get it?? in the forum Chit Chat 5 years ago

    Nope. I even read an article explaining it and I’m still mystified

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    Depending on what sort of house you’ve got you could add underfloor insulation, this would work on a suspended wooden floor, though probably only worth doing on the ground floor. Any reason why you don’t want Cavity Wall, we got it done for free in our last house and it worked wonders.

    Worth getting hold of a copy of the Haynes Manual on Ins…[Read more]

  • amyway replied to the topic Best probiotics to buy? in the forum Health 5 years ago

    To me it is really easy to make yogurt. Warm a pot of full cream milk, stir in a spoonful of plain yogurt, leave in a warm place. Turns into delicious and cheap yogurt works for me anyway