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      Just a quick question. Is it cheaper for pharmacy’s to dispense tablets (chalky type) rather than capsules? This is the 2nd time they have done this to me since taking over the pharmacy even though my prescription says capsules. My O/H picked them up for me yesterday and I didn’t realize until I got home last night.

      Then the lprescription before this one, they diddled me out of 12 capsules (I only get 100 per prescription) and I didn’t realize until I got home. To be fair when I rang them they did come out in their car and give me the missing ones!

      The last pharmacist that ran the same chemist dispensed tablets to me twice which were the wrong prescription totally, the 2nd time being extremely dangerous had I of taken them in error. In the end I reported him to the GMC and they investigated and gave him a tap on the wrist and told him that all prescriptions had to be double checked before they were dispensed to people. I thought they had to be double checked anyway so I was surprised they weren’t being. Had I been a child or an elderly person I dread to think what could have happened.

      Not having much luck with this particular chemist lol think I need to change where my prescription is sent!

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      I’m a pharmacist. If a GP prescription says capsules then that it what you should get, unless the GP has made a mistake and the drug is not available as a capsule at all, in which case they should get the prescription changed. This may be done after they have gained verbal agreement from the GP and then the written prescription replaced later. This doesn’t sound like the case with you though as you have had capsules before.

      The price of different forms can differ, tablets aren’t necessarily cheaper than capsules or vice versa, but if it has happened twice either their dispensing systems are slack or they are on the fiddle. I would be challenging them, changing pharmacy and reporting them to the local Clinical Commissioning Group.

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        Hi SallyG, they are co-codamol so are capsule and tablet although it does say capsule on my prescription after I had a conversation with the GP as I found that no matter how quickly you swig them down your throat the chalk type get stuck and leave a terrible bitter taste that makes me gag. I can take capsule tablets without a problem, I normally take five three times a day (of different types not codeine I should say! so its not me being awkward lol).

        Yes I get the impression they are cutting corners. I may be wrong but there have been one or two people I know that go there and have had similar problems (tablets missing, or a different manufacturer from normal).

        Thanks for your help

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      Different manufacturers shouldn’t be a problem in general. It will be the same active ingredient, it is only possibly the fillers (inert substances) and coating that might differ between brands. Wholesalers may get a deal on different brands, so tend to supply the pharmacy with whatever brand that they are getting the best deal with.
      In most medications this isn’t a problem. Some people may be sensitive to colourings for example so may tend to stick to a certain brand that only has white tablets. Other medications, such as for epilepsy you need to consistently give them the same (branded) drug that works for them; however in such cases the doctor will prescribe by brand to ensure that the patient is given exactly what they require (rather than prescibe generically) .

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      If you have any trouble swallowing tablets, capsules etc., coat them in a small amount of whatever bread spread you prefer – swallow some liquid first and down they go. I have to take some extremely desicating pills that would ordinary stick to foot thick Teflon but this method works every time.

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      Contact your local NHS Counter Fraud team. They are trained to investigate what from your description sounds suspiciously like somebody on the fiddle.

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        Really? Gosh I wouldn’t be surprised. Last time I spoke to the man he said it was an error and when I raised the cost implication said there was no cost difference between tablets and capsules, this time he said it was an error again and again I mentioned the cost difference but he never repied. I’ve googled the cost difference after the first incident and I’m sure on a web site someone said there was a cost implication and they try and fob you off with tablets because they are cheaper to manufacture therefore have a cost saving to the pharmacy. I’m sure I also read that tablets take longer to get into your system whereas gelatin based capsules dissolve quicker. Maybe it is because they are muslim who own the chemist and they don’t like to give out/handle gelatin coated medicine as its against their religion. I don’t know.

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      Branded drugs cost more than generic ones do. If a pharmacist is dispensing cheaper drugs than have been prescribed and then claiming for the more expensive drug from the NHS they are over inflating their claim. If he is doing it to you imagine how many people use that pharmacy on a daily basis and multiply the monetary difference by the number of prescriptions and you would be surprised at the staggering amount of money he will be making. Even if you only have a suspicion of fraud it needs to be reported.

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      I’ve stopped using our new local pharmacy and gone back to using the one in the next village because they’re just too damn intrusive and interrogate you before selling you anything, and then they refuse to sell you stuff – I mean stuff like Benylin Expectorant when you pitch up hacking your chest offf in the shop and want somethign to ease it. I can make honey flavoured sugar syrup at home thanks

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      Co-codamol capsules are more expensive than tablets so if they give you tablets but get paid for capsules as specified on the prescription then they are making more of a profit. They are not allowed to give you something different to what is specified on the prescription. Whether it is an error or they are on the fiddle, neither is acceptable and should be reported.

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