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      I unfortunately managed to engage the cowboy plumber from hell (don’t say it, I know, I know) and have got to get another firm in to put it right, having paid the first one!

      (I didn’t realise until it all started leaking and the new plumbers pointed out all the work that was incorrectly done).

      I have contacted Trading Standards and they have told me what to write, but I am not sure how much to ask for. (if I ever get anything.)
      Obviously I would want to be repaid what I paid him for the work, which included the materials that he used, one or two items can be kept but most of it can’t be re-used or is poor quality. But how much do I expect him to pay towards the new work? The call out fee to the leak, obviously, but they are going to charge to re-do the work more than I originally paid, just for labour.
      (This is going to end up as the most expensive bathroom ever).

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      I have nothing to base this on but it doesn’t feel right that you ask for money off his bill AND be refunded for the 2nd plumbers bill. You’d essentially be getting a free bathroom then.
      I’d say don’t ask for a refund of his bill but ask for 100% of the 2nd plumbers cost because you would not have incurred any of that if he’d done it right in the first place.

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        Yes, I was thinking this. It makes more sense doesn’t it? It is a new situation for me though. I haven’t sent the letter yet, but I ran it past the Citizens Advice bureau and I asked but they didn’t pick it up.

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      Def attempt to get reimbursed by plumber A for every penny its costing to get put right by Plumber B.
      It will help if Plumber B has done a written report with photos of all the work to be put right, then you wont get into a he said, she said scenario.
      If possible, you could push for damages. Have you legal cover on house insurance?

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        I’ll have to check the legal cover, we do on home but this is a rental property. And yes, the second plumber has taken photographs and has done a report in his quote.

        I wasn’t that happy with the work as it progressed but everything I queried or questioned or even said “this is a problem” he simply fobbed me off or just refused to alter anything. When the WC started to leak and I called another plumber, he had to dismantle WC (no easy access contrary to my instructions), and then looked round and pointed out all the faults, including a waste pipe running uphill! I do feel a complete fool.

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      If, for example, the original quote was for £5K and the repair and new materials were going to cost £7K , ask for the extra costs to be reimbursed, plus an inconvenience fee.

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