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      I think I’ve had a stomach bug .. pains in my tummy at the end of last week, very sick Saturday evening and didn’t really eat again until today (so far 2 biscuits and half a plain jacket potato) Feel a bit queasy since eating but don’t feel like I’ll be sick again hopefully.

      I’m trying to drink lots and had rehydration drink this morning. Sticking to black tea in the morning with honey.

      Any top tips on getting the appetite back or what to eat. I’m sticking to plain food only. Can’t really face anything at all. A friend suggested white rice with salt which I may try later.

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      As long as no underlying health issues/not on any meds. Keep hydrated and listen to your body. Eat what you fancy in small portions Your body will let you know if not appropriate. Maybe speak with a GP if no better in a week. Just my thoughts, in no way am I medically trained. Hope you feel better soon.

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      Drink lots of fluids, you also need to make sure your salt levels don’t get too low in the heat. When I had the norovirus a few years ago, I was advised to avoid dairy products while recovering – I think they’re harder to digest. Something like toast or plain bread, crackers, oat cakes is good when recovering.

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      As has been said, no dairy. Lucozade is frowned upon nowadays but does help, IMO. Or lemonade, let it go flat if that is prefereable. Electrolytes would be good – maybe a sports drink?
      Nothing acidic either, so fruit can be tricky. Dry whole grain bread?

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      Don’t worry about what you’re eating, just try to eat something so you have energy to do what you need to do. I echo lucozade, that and a Yorkie kept us going on epic walks as kids in the Lakes, long term it’s not the ideal diet, but is fine for a few days!

      The rice and salt sounds tasty! Maybe some pasta?

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      My 9yo son had a nasty tummy bug assumed gastroenteritis 2 weeks ago, kept him hydrated with lots of water, arrow root biscuits, Lucozade and small portions of dry, bland/dry food when he wanted/asked for it, he had the odd dioralyte too, he was violently sick and had explosive diarrhoea for 8 days, with awful tummy cramps, went to the chemist who gave him buscopan cramps, which eased the tummy pains, he never gets tummy bugs, last time he puked must have been when he was 3 or 4yo.
      Went through so much bleach, disinfectant and washing as younger son has lower immune system, thought he escaped it but he spent last week with the ‘poo poos’ as he calls it, he lived on plain pasta virtually all week, thankfully he only really eats bland food anyway so that went in his favour.

      Hope you feel better soon, a bit of a cooler day today too

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