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      Im getting married after 30 years together, yes call us rash impulsive love birds.
      Plan a, is Venice for 3 nights 5*, then hire a camper van and go off to the Dollies for a few days walking.
      However I hear Venice stinks, is busy and full of mossies in August. Is this true and can anyone think of somewhere else. Want a bit of Romance.

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      Italian Lakes for romance, surely?

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        Up Como way? Yes! Venice is a tourist $%& hole.

        We used have a few weeks for a few years, early summer, in a villa in the Tuscanan hills between Pisa and Firenze, for free.
        the BiL was caretaker for an Aussie artist there. That was cool

        Where’s it all gone wrong?

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      Sardina is lovely

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      Venice is nice, but it does smell a bit and is a bit of a tourist rip off. I think Rome is better value, if you haven’t done it before. The Vatican museum (book the special evening entry) is amazing and the quantity of roman buildings and things like the catacombs are really interesting. 2-3 days there would be fine, and then escape to the country!

      Of course if you want to buy posh glass, go in a gondola and look out over the lagoon with Procecco in ones hand – Venice is the place. If you take the road from Venice up to the mountains your could consider stopping in Padua to see the Scrovegni Chapel (Giotto).

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      Barnsley; fish supper followed by a walk on’t moors.

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      I’m getting married in August and have planned a European Honeymoon, although we set off on 1st September.

      We are travelling to Paris by train, with lunch in London on the way. Couple of days in Paris, then train to Barcelona. A favourite place we go to every year. Four days in Barcelona, then a ferry to Ibiza. Five nights in the north of Ibiza, then fly home.

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      Siena? Lovely spot and not as manic as other Tuscan venues.

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      If you’re combining with the Dolomites, then I agree with others that the Italian Lakes sounds like a good option, maybe combined with Verona.

      I’ve only been to Garda, which I think is the busiest of the lakes, but still beautiful. Don’t know the best resort on the lake, but Sirmione is very picturesque. Opera in the arena in Verona may or may not appeal. The classic show is always Aida, but they do 2 or 3 operas throughout the summer.

      I liked Venice, but I went in March, and I went nearly 20 years ago, so no idea what August will be like.

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        Thats sounding neat. Verona, Romeo and Juliet. I have heard the opera there is something else. Thanks.

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        Yes, there is a Juliet’s balcony in Verona, but can’t remember the back story to it.

        The opera is an amazing location (but take a cushion). I saw Aida, which is the classic for Verona, but I think some of the other operas are more accessible. They’ve got Carmen this year, which is one of the best if, like me, your main knowledge of opera tunes comes from the adverts.

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      We went to Dubrovnik for our honeymoon (a year ago next week, as it happens), and fell in love with the place.

      The scenery, the people, the food (Orsan at the yacht club is just perfection) and the local wines all added up to a perfect trip.

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      We really wanted to go to an Agro Tourisomo at San Gim called Torre del Chuisi, but appears to have shut down. Pool, 16 beds , 16 sun loungers, class a food, stunning views, not sure what has happened.

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      If you can afford it, Corsica, perhaps the most beautiful 8680 square kilometres in the world (yes, I googled the size!) Mostly for the hills and the coast, but there are plenty of gorgeous towns to explore and the food’s great too.

      On the other hand, Venice is amazing, with huge amounts to see and do, and plenty of good food (though admittedly not the best in Italy). But it is overpriced and busy. (I can’t comment on the smell, I’m anosmic.)

      But, yeah, it’s still amazing, so it would probably be a really good choice anyway. We’ve had two holidays combining Venice and the Dolomites, and they were two of the best holidays we’ve had; don’t avoid it just because it has become trendy to put it down!

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      August most of N Europe will be on holiday, in S Europe.

      Tour around lake Constance ? There is a spa hotel with its own still on the N side, Konstantz is nice and Lichtenstein.

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