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      I never used to have problems with my feet but recently Iv been suffering from really inflamed and sore heels for some reason. It must be a sign that im getting older. The pain seems worse in the morning and oddly seems to get better the longer I walk on my feet for… but ache terribly afterwards. Has anyone anything similar and if so what helped the best? Iv been looking online for some new shoes to wear to see if that fixes the problem. One of my friends said that I should wear some proper insoles in my shoes but looking online I really dont know what are the best insoles to buy. Custom insoles look dreadfully expensive for what are essentially just pieces of plastic you slip inside your shoes.

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      Plantar fasciitis is the name of the game. There are several threads on here about it, I think my spelling is wrong though if you do a search.

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      I’ve recently started wearing compression socks and they are ace for my foot pain.

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      It’s very very common and horrible.
      Insoles work but don’t wear all the time.
      I use a mixture of custom made over the counter insole supports and gel insoles .
      You can also buy socks they do help mine are by mojo..
      You can get pan relief from freezing a small bottle of water then rolling your foot on it stretching your calf muscles helps.
      I have had mine lasered as well that gives my pain relief when mine where at their worse I could not walk a step in the morning .
      If certain shoes makes it worse bin them.
      I started mine off running on sand.

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      I had some gel heel thingies that stuck in the shoe and had a hole under where the pain was located. They were easily removed and stuck in other shoes, if the jelly sticky bit became manky it could be washed off without damaging the stickability. Best things ever for PF!

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      Most of the research I found when I had a problem indicated that custom insoles were no better than good over the counter ones.

      Mine has completely resolved which I’m still quite impressed by given my MSK issues. For me minimalist footwear when I can (so no drop, flexible soled), and when I can’t I’m ok in ariats, and when I need wellies or similar I use footreviver insoles.

      A trip to a physio is never a bad idea, shockwave can help too if you find one with one.

      Lots say that rolling an iced water bottle helps but it didn’t really help mine.

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      Thanks for the replies guys. Been doing some searching and look like you guys are right and I have plantar fasciitis. Lots of horror stories online of people who have been suffering from endless cycles of plantar fasciitis for years. Cannot seem to find a clear an answer of what exactly causes this condition apart from “overuse”. Once you get plantar fascitiis once or the arch of your foot becomes weakened from the ageing process/foot injury does that mean you have a much greater chance of getting this condition again and again? Is there anyway of strengthening the ligaments in your foot to stop this?

      Will definitely look online for some off the shelf insoles as they sound the best bet at the moment.

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        what causes it I think depends on the person, I have some hypermobile bits and some stiff bits, my ankles don’t have a lot of flexibility compared to my knees and hips, particularly on my left hand side which is generally a bit screwy. My left arch is quite flat and the ankle rotates slight inwards (flattening the arch) when standing, though if analysed when running I’m ‘neutral’.

        That is why barefooting works for me (and why I get a bit angsty when people say absolutely not to do it because it does help quite a lot of people who come to it after having tried everything else), because it means that the structures in my foot have to work properly and strengthen so that the arch doesn’t push itself down any further. Now, if I spend all day walking in ‘barefoot’ footwear my feet will ache because they have had a work out but I don’t get any heel pain. The only time I have found that I need to use other footwear is when I play netball etc when there is a lot of jumping or running (though the rest of my body struggles with the latter anyway). I do all of my training sessions in five fingers or socks so that my trainer can see what my feet are doing and correct them if necessary, otherwise they do try and get away with all sorts!

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        Iv been looking at my arches iv never really noticed this before but I do have flat feet… I don’t know if this was always the case as I don’t remember having flat feet as a child, teenager etc. Could I just have developed them?
        Is it best to just keep my feet up until my plantar fasciitis goes away? Would doing foot stretches worsen things?

        Thanks guys

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      Mine resolved itself after 3 months, I used insoles. I now make sure I never go barefoot or in total flatties.

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      When I had PF I had steroid injections to the base of my foot. It bloody hurt, but solved the issue.
      Nothing else touched it.

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      I’ve had it in the past. You need to stop walking around in bare feet, wear some insoles, and get rid of any flat type ballerina style shoes that you might have. You can also do various stretching exercises to help ease the pain, rolling your foot on a rolling pin or bottle is very effective.

      Its the worse pain I’ve ever had, even my extensor tendonitis doesn’t come close so I feel your pain. I got it from running whilst overweight in cheap trainers. I know someone who had it from his job, on a site working on concrete flooring up and down all day walking. I would recommend you go to a sports injury clinic and they can produce insoles which would best suit your current shoes and lifestyle.

      I was recommended the steroid injection but told in some cases it could cause tendon rupture so decided not to go ahead but glad it worked for you @housemouse

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      I’ve got some custom made orthotics but, honestly, the ones I order online are equally good, just not as long lasting. They are, however, much cheaper than the custom made ones and just involve a quick trim with scissors rather than standing in a bath of plaster of Paris!

      I’ve got very flat feet and that’s a predisposing factor, along with age and doing a lot of walking. Mine’s playing up currently as I’ve did a longish walk last weekend. Hope your feet feel better soon

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        yes they can develop. Rather than stretching I’d be inclined to do some strengthening exercises but feel free to take further advice on that!
        When I was having issues I pointed out to the physio that essentially when riding my feet were in permanent flexion/stretch anyway- which was potentially aggravating. Interestingly my feet still don’t bend the other way very well!

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