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      I am so close to walking out of my job. I have a manager who consistently tries to throw me under the bus, ignores or over-rides any suggestions i make and persistently tries to catch me out (and fails as I’m doing nothing wrong!). I can’t take any more of it. Is it a really really bad idea to just take a temp role until I find something longer term?
      I’ve been job hunting anyway but being really selective but I really feel now like I can’t handle this anymore and need to remove myself from the environment.
      I’ve walked out of jobs before but when I had less to lose. I know on paper that it’s a bad idea to leave a job with flexible working and good benefits but I neither like the job nor the people anymore and an incident today feels like it is the final straw.

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      I suppose it depends on how it would look on your CV? If you were interviewing for a position and someone asked you why you left an outwardly good role, to temp short term, what would you say?

      If I were interviewing someone and the gap in their CV was explained away by them leaving due to not getting on with their manager it may (rightly or wrongly) concern me that they were slightly abrasive to work with and might do the same to me.

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        It would be easy enough to explain – I recently moved 25-30 miles away from the office so could potentially use that as my reason for leaving. Ets- I do completely understand where you’re coming from though! Usually I will get on with everyone and not let personal clashes cause trouble but we work very closely together and he seems determined to try and find public fault with all I do.
        My direct manager is very supportive of the struggle I’ve been having but the issue is with another manager and has been on going for some time. I essentially did his job all of last year with no recognition and was promised this year would be different and so far nearly half way through it’s not. Today just feels like the final straw

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      I would leave, life is too short, like you I’ve left plenty of jobs. Temping can often lead to a permanent job.

      It doesn’t matter what you tell them about why you left, you can just make it up

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      I would leave. I have been in toxic working environments and it’s not fun. This is the first job I’ve been in that I truly enjoy the job, company and people I work with and the difference in other aspects of my life is astonishing too. Life is short.

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      I’d go for a temp role too. Having someone irrationally attack/undermine you every day gets old very quickly, affects your health and ultimately will have an impact on the quality of work you are doing, because you’ll end up spending more time and energy trying to mitigate against their behaviour than doing your own job. People like that are toxic and should be managed out as quickly as possible, but all to often it is just too much trouble for those managing them.

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      It’s bullying, pure and simple.
      You have every right to take out a grievance, and every employer has by law to have a grievance procedure. If you are a member of a union, get them involved, you will probably have to have a meeting with the bully and a manager and it pays to have a “friend” with you.
      Bullying is insidious, by the time you realise it is happening your self esteem is at an all time low (personal experience speaking here :0 ) so don’t go into any meetings unprepared. Depends how much you want to stay in the job, the only really satisfactory outcome is if the company is large enough to keep a safe distance between you. Mine did, and it was resolved in that way but if she had had to work in the same section it would have been difficult.

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      Can you talk to the guy in charge overall – if he is doing this to you then he is doing it to other people too. He’s not imune from criticism and if his leadership style is a problem then his boss needs to know

      I’ve worked for sociopaths and it’s no fun

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      Thanks all. I was worried I was being irrational. I go on holiday to spain for a week at the end of June and I’d really like to have another job lined up to come back to.
      We are a small team of 5- me and a colleague at the bottomed, the 2 managers then their boss who is responsible overall for the team. My colleague leaves in 2 weeks as he’s had enough, although he’s done it under the guise of taking a job nearer to home. My manager is fully aware but doesn’t seem to feed it up to his boss. That said, I think the big boss as it were does know there is issues (there was a point last year he sat me and the other manager in a room and made us try to talk things out) and whilst maybe it’s being picked up behind the scenes, it doesn’t feel like anything is changing. I feel like I’m going to start sounding like I have a bee in my bonnet if I say anything else to my own manager

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        Too many chiefs not enough indians. That is a very strange team configuration IMHO and you are being bullied, keep a written record of actions being taken by the bully and act on it or get the hell out before your health suffers.

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