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      We are finally planning our new kitchen and I like the idea of an induction hob. I’ve just read that because of the way induction hobs work the cooker hood should to be wider than the hob itself and its suggested that you need a 90cm hood for a 60cm hob. Has anyone got just a normal 60cm hood over a 60cm induction hob and does it work well enough or do I need to have a massive cooker hood which quite frankly in my little kitchen will look rather overwhelming.

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      Never heard of that. They are brilliant and would never now use anything else.

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        I was very surprised when I read it but it seems that that is the recommendation. Do you have a cooker hood hp, and if so I guess its only the same width as the hob? I really don’t want a wacking great cooker hood if I can get away with it!

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      I don’t know about the hood, but I hope no-one in the family has a pacemaker?

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        No, we’re ok with that one.

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      We had a new induction hob a few years ago and a cooker hood of exactly the same width. It seems to do its job well enough.

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      I had a normal width hood with my induction hob in a previous house. My dad is a stickler for following rules and regs and he thought it was fine 😀

      Fab hobs, I really miss it!

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      Extractor is same width as hob – works fine. What I really really want however is an Aga

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      I’ve had several design appointments today, I haven’t made a hob decision but no one suggested this, as it would have been a decider from a space point of view.
      Though I also didn’t know that you didn’t have to have ducting extractors these days either 🙂

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      tda because of how the hob works it can mess with pacemakers if you have one, magnetic fields or something like that. It could alter how the pacemaker is set up, they should tell you in the show room when you buy one.

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      I stayed at a hotel recently and the carvery had a notice on it. ‘This is an induction hob, please do not stand within two feet of it of you are wearing a pacemaker’. People had to shout their order at the omelette chef on the other side, it was a big hob!

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      My hubby has just put an induction cooker in my cottage – to replace the 25 yr old oil Rayburn that packed up over Xmas! I have t got any sort of good at all! Hoping that’s not an issue.

      On a different note it has come With a very complicated list of times that can be used with it they must not have the little brown impose onWith a very complicated list of pans that can be used with it they must not have the little round dimples on or be ribbed. Totally flat apart from a circle in the middle that expands when hot!

      I’m struggling to find any that are light weight enough for me to pick up with hypermobile wrists – any suggestions?!

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        i just bought cheap stainless supermarket pans when I got my induction hob. there are some tefal ones which are great but quite spendy.

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        Standard stainless steel pans will work fine – they are not heavy, and the induction hob is really easy to use. Heats immediately, and is touch hot when you take a pan off. Also, a lot easier to clean than gas or electric.

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      I’ve got an induction hob with same size extractor too, never heard or seen anything else??

      I bought circulon pans for it in the sales a couple of years ago, they are fab. I can’t actually cook tho’ so maybe not the best example

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      We have an induction hob. Never heard about having to have a specific size of hood though. We’ve had ours for about eight years and the hood is still in its box in the spare room…..

      Any ferrous metal-based pans should work. If a magnet doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan, then it won’t work on an induction hob as they work by magnetic induction.

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      I have one fitted last year in my new kitchen, extractor the same width as hob and as offered by kitchen company. I had to read the manual as I couldn’t actually figure out how to turn it on…… any passing cat would have an issue to be honest, the on/off touch area is very small!!! I love it.

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      I so hated my induction hob I changed back to a ceramic one.

      The slightest drip of steam on the hob and it bleeped until dried; knock a pan slightly sideways and it bleeped. Finally the flush controls got so hot we couldn’t remove the lock one of us had turned on in error. We had to wait 20 minutes till they had cooled sufficiently to put a finger on the buttons and regain control!

      Now we have ceramic withk knobs and only the ovens, microwave and fridge bleep. Bliss!

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