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      Scenario: you are staying on a busy campsite with a group of your friends (all with utterly gomping Brummie accents), and decide that, in 10 minute bursts from 8.30pm-10.30pm, you’ll start to crank out some horrendous dance music from a massive car stereo.

      Should you:

      a) be run over with the car for even contemplating such a thing?

      b) beat yourself unconcious with a rubber mallet for allowing anyone you asssociate with to contemplate it?

      c) not be a horrific prick?

      d) all of the above?

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      Most sites I have visited have rules that are calmly and politely enforced. Perhaps I’ve been lucky!

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        I think the farmer/owner doing his evening rounds may have told them to shut up or Foxtrot-Oscar, as they stopped it rather rapidly after his pickup went over in their direction.

        I did consider popping down to have a word, but as I was with my Scouts, I didn’t fancy them seeing me getting my head kicked in by some oiks in tracksuits to the sound of ‘Now that’s what I call chavvy crap 2018’.

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        I was going to say that you should have been in the pub then anyway but I note you were with some scouts so that makes it a bit difficult.

        It could have been worse. One Summer I went camping with my 12 year old son outside Peterhead. The second night we were there was the start of the Aberdeen holidays. We got back from a days fishing to find the campsite packed out and tents pitched about 2 feet away on either side of us. The one on the right being one of those big double roomed dome things.

        As we drifted off to sleep that evening it became abundantly clear that the people in the big double tent were having group sex in the room about 1 metre from my son’t head. Tent fabric is not a good sound insulator but I suppose you’re aware of that having become overly familiar with Now That’s What I Call Chavvy Crap 2018.

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      If they’re in your campsite they’re not pumping out distorted beats whilst driving past my house or queueing outside my office in traffic…

      If you can figure out the radio station, jack it with a little pirate broadcast, your choice of content…

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      This happened to my wife and I about 10 years ago when we were camping in South Wales. Bizarrely the perpetrators were a bunch of middle aged middle class walkers. I politely asked them to turn the music off at around 11pm then went back over at 11:30 when things had not changed. The music was coming from a car stereo so I reached in through the open window, removed the ignition key and chucked it out into the darkness. I then turned to the now silent group and told them if it went back on I would kill them all. Back in the tent I told my wife they had responded to reason and agreed to be quiet. And they were and no one came over to revenge the lobbed keys. I was stunned.

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      What’s the etiquette at moderately popular wild camping site? Do the late owls defer to the early sleepers etc? Like a bothy, where you cannot expect people to be quiet to facilitate your wish to sleep? Been at bothies where groups are drinking and singing (not in a scary way) and that is a risk you accept when using a bothy.

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      Camped in cornwall last weekend on a busy site with a real mix of holidaymakers/walkers etc. Come the 10 oclock curfew you could hear a pin drop. I was astounded and possibly a bit nervous that I was the noisy antisocial git after a particularly melifulous 10.30 guff

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        I’ve always found (both at campsites and huts) that the early sleepers make a great point about telling the late owls to be quiet (long before we’ve any chance to even make any noise), and then, no matter how quiet and considerate we late owls have been, they make more noise early in the morning than dustmen bashing old-fashioned metal bins about – and then they b*gger off having woken everybody else up. And they’re always so pompous about their superiority regarding going to bed early as well.

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