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      If you want your garden to look romantic, go for drama! This is a great way to create memorable walks and dates down your garden. Isn’t that lovely? Whatever your heart desires, you can have the power to achieve it for your garden. Your garden is a perfect romantic place for free. A place where you can unwind, escape and most of all create memorable dramas in life. If you like having some plan to make surprises for your garden, go what you want. If you feel it gratifying or you want love to brew up, your garden is always suitable for that. Make your garden special and be with someone whom you can talk randomly whatever you feel like.

      Here are a list of dramatic ideas I can offer to you so you can get started:

      1. Incorporate a private nook

      Why not try including a private hideaway in your garden? If you need a little place to hide in, tuck a romantic nook in your garden and screen it with flowers and trees, making a perfect place where you can escape and be with someone whom you love.

      2.Bring in romantic blossoms

      To add a real romance, choose romantic blossoms for your garden. Roses are the most commonly grown in the garden and associated mainly with a romantic look. There are a lot of pretty flowers you can choose for your garden and make it romantic. Also, these romantic blossoms invite pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

      3.Create a romantic seating nook

      To make your date fun and create special memories in your garden, have a romantic seating nook. With this, you can invite someone to talk or just be with someone whom you feel comfortable with and feel satisfied.

      4. A romantic entry can lead the way

      There’s nothing more sweet than to create a romantic entry in your garden. You can create a curved arbor planted with romantic blossoms. Make sure that anyone can feel free to pass underneath. This entry will definitely add charm on your way to the front door.

      5. Anchor your gate

      pretty-romantic-garden1Vines can help you anchor your garden gate to your landscape. You can use a simple wooden arbor and style it to make it more intentional. Tangle the vines on top of the gate to add a natural look and have a walk to remember with your someone.

      6. Add bold statements

      Bold colours help you to add layers of drama in your garden. Try mixing up colours and shapes by planting classical country flowers. Keep in mind to structure them according to height so that tall plants will be placed at the back and delicate ones show up in front.

      7.Paint a fresh coat of cheerful colours

      Create an inviting backdrop and splash them with cheerful colours to give a new look into your tired garden house. Choose bright and warmer colours for classic painting to set up a romantic aura in your garden.

      These ideas are for the dreamers like you so create a fairy tale garden of your dreams!

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