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Going through this at the moment.

All depends on what you want.low cost modern kitchens are designed to be replaced every couple of years based on the latest trends.the carcasses are poor quality and will not last the abuse in kitchen environments. That is why they are “ cheap””.

So figure out how much you want to spend and then work from there.

European kitchens are designed manufactured differently to uk kitchens and are manufactured to a different standard and customer requirements. There is for example little demand for English style country or shaker kitchens in Europe.

Induction hobs are really good. If you want an integrated microwave look at the combi microwave/ oven options for a second oven.

Lastly, speak to a lot of kitchen people.its taken us 6/ 9 months to find somebody we can work with who actually listens to what we want.those people are hard to find instead of ramming the latest ideas down your throat.