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Are you going to pay a kitchen company or DIY it ? just for fun get a price from a local kitchen place, ” poshville ” kitchens ( just swap in your nearest town ) to supply and fit the whole lot. Then price up cabinets from howdens and or Ikea, joiner, electrician, plumber , plasterer, worktop fitter ( delete cost of bits you can/ want to do yourself …,you tube and ukc are your Friends for help and advice ). If you have one trade on side ( joiner , electrician , plumber) they should be able to pull the rest in for you. Now you have to work out wether the cost of getting poshville kitchens in to do the whole lot is worth the difference, for a bit of hassle, a few phone calls here and there and maybe getting your Hands dirty. In most cases the quality of the cabinets from howdens / ikea will be just as good if not better than poshville kitchens, unless you pay silly money.