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We have a kitchen largely from Ikea, with cheap endgrain worktops from B&Q and an open shelf unit I made from 2x2s, more worktop, a borrowed downling rig and walnut slats for the shelves. It was not expensive.

The process was something like this: going to Ikea, discussing the configuration options (carcass choice, mounting options, handle style, door choice etc) , going away and drawing up a plan (on grid-ruled A4 paper out of my 1997 undergraduate lab book) and going back to Ikea to get everything ordered for me including all the bits I didn’t realise I needed. I hate shopping for more than grocery and get apocalyptic rage at attempted up-selling, extended warranties, credit pushers and the like. I left Ikea happy.

5 years later and it’s as good as new, apart from the worktops – which would look new if I could be bothered to sand and re-varnish them. Friends of ours have the same worktop and do this every couple of years. If I could afford it, I’d get single stave walnut worktops from Norfolk Oak… Well, I probably wouldn’t as I just can’t justify the cost but that’s me.

I think it’s lasted undegraded so far because it was assembled and fitted well by a couple of lads who were good and experienced.

It turns out a certain type of Londoner buys a new ultra-high end kitchen every 5 years or so to stay chic. The old ones are pulled out by the kitchen fitters and sold or auctioned off for a song. My partner kept an eagle eye out but we didn’t have the option of waiting until something we liked and that was suitable came available we just went Ikea.