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Are you sure about the £60 / day for the electric heaters? Running 5 2000 watt electric heater 24 hours per day at 14p per kWh comes to £33.60 per day. (Be careful running 5 x 2000watts appliance – it could overload the ring main)

bottled lpg is worth considering with a gas boiler and radiator system.

I live in a 3 bedroom listed building and have been using bottles lpg for the last 5 or so years and it is reasonable on running costs.

Someone mentioned in the posts above, to insulate the inside of the outside walls – be careful doing this, it can lead to overheating in the summer and you will lose the benefit of the large thermal mass that thick walls gives for both summer and winter.

3.5m ceiling heights might make ceiling fans a viable option to push the heat down