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Have you thought about getting a burner with a back boiler? After all you’re already burning wood to keep the place warm, might as well make the most out of it…

We have a large 24kw (or something!) burner with a back boiler that heaters up a thermal store. The thermal store provides hot water at a temperature suitable for radiators (the bedrooms) and is mixed down to a cooler temp for underfloor heating.

The thermal store also gets heated by excess PV so over the summer when we don’t have the burner in we can still get hot water.

We thought about ground source heating but we’re on a clay soil and it wasn’t suitable (as I understand it you need soil porous enough for decent water flow as that’s what replenished heat to your pipes).

I re-iterate what everyone else about insulation, seal up as much as you are able, it makes loads of difference!

We spent 18 months in a freezing static with portable electric heaters, I feel your pain.