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My only experience of ground source is through neighbours who installed one in their stone, un-insulated farm worker’s cottage. They had to dig two huge trenches in the paddock, they regretted placing the pump in the utility room because the throbbing keeps them awake, they had to dig up all the floors and lay insulation then the pipework then screed. They had to dry-line all exterior walls and they fitted shutters inside all the windows. The house is warm but because they blocked all ventilation it always smells stale and feels humid inside; if they still had cold walls they would be suffering a lot of condensation. I can see how it would work in a properly insulated building but as a retro-fit it doesn’t suit the house very well.

Does listing allow you to insulate all the exterior walls and upstairs ceilings? This is relatively cheap and brings enormous benefits; we insulated our son’s cold bedroom with 3 exterior walls and now the heat from the fan on his computer is enough to keep him warm when he’s hammering it playing GTA. The room is much quieter and very cosy and a really pleasant place to be.