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Neil W
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One thing I wouldn’t consider if you are over 50 is a wood chip burner. Their hoppers need filling every few days with heavy bags of biomass. If you get one aged 50 and are tied to it for 20 years by the RHI, you’ll be lifting bags weekly aged 70 – and more frequently in the coldest, most horrid weather. I sometimes wonder how many retirees are going to get bitten by this.

I’ve got one of these (well, compressed sawdust pellets) in a poorly insulated large house in the Alps – but I’m 43 and fit (I had to carry 600x15kg bags of pellets into the house to store when they got delivered last month!). It’s meant to be temporary however.

However, if you have the space, you can get large silos to automatically feed the boiler. My neighbour has one and the silo takes up barely more space than oil tanks. Rather than sacks, a large truck turns up and spurts pellets into the silo via a hose once or twice a year.