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Sorry to not answe your question, but…

Grade II listing shouldn’t restrict you to badly. You should be able to make changes so long as they don’t damage the features behind the listing.

We didn’t want to touch some of our inside walls – to preserve damp proofing, and outside insulation is limited by conservation area status. So we threw stud partition walls up inside the real walls and insulated those. An added bonus of this is that doing a rewrite is much simpler by running stuff in the fake walls.

If you think that’s viable, take a proposal to your local listed buildings officer. Invest some effort in getting them on side.

GSHP – it’s a hell of a big dig for a shallow system.

In winter we heat a lot of our house with a 10 kw log burner and convection currents of air – but I have 60 mature leylandii trees to dispose of…

Someone – LG I think – do a high temperature air source heat pump that works with normal sized radiators. My 5 year plan is to fit a high temperature ASHP, thermal store and external log burning boiler to our garage and to get rid of the oil boiler.