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I have used a sprayer, but would say, don’t use inside. It was perfect for my exterior as the walls are scat coated, but inside use a roller. I recommend you buy a roller and tray from somewhere like B&Q they normally have a spare roller sleeve in with them, buy a pack of synthetic brushes not hair/bristle,, that saves on the hairs coming out. I never buy expensive brushes, as cleaning them makes no sense. Also buy a 1 cm flat artists brush, that will make your cutting in so so much easier, and enable you to correct any mistakes later. Once you’ve used your roller, don’t wash it between coats, just wrap it in clingfilm, the same for your brush, that will keep it good for the following day.
Buy a decent paint. Not a cheap paint as they have a low level of pigment. crown and berger are hopeless, and Dulux not much better, B&Q do their own mix paint, and if you opt for the high pigment it will make your life so much easier as you wont have to do many coats. Ive just used Johnson paints this weekend on a friends new build and I was very impressed. So worth while looking at that and Im a total Farrow and Ball painter so Johnsons paint must be good to compare. Don’t use gloss paints, use waterbased Satinwood on your wood work, much easier to use and if you use white paint then satin wood is not prone to yellowing. You can now get exterior water based Satin wood…… a real revelation.

To prep… wash your walls, use sugar soap as that will cut through any grease. you can use a low adhesion masking tape to cover the edges of the area you are painting if you are concerned about your ability to paint to the edge (cutting in) then do all the edges and then roll, don’t overload your roller and apply pressure while rolling.

Ive just spent my entire weekend painting, I find it therapeutic