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Mmm, difficult situation to be in, especially as you seem to like the (rest of) the house.

As you stated, there’s not much to be said for this practice:

– ventilation of the roof-space is restricted which increases the chance of the timbers decaying (even though you say the timbers seem solid, it won’t be helping. When was the foam applied?)

– there is no insulation benefit on a cold roof i.e. one with insulation at ceiling level

– it is almost impossible to get the foam off to be able to reuse the tiles

– proper inspection of the underside of the roof is restricted – see my first point re the state of the timbers

– although foam is not a good thing regardless of the building type, be aware that it could attract a Listed Building Enforcement Notice and have to be removed and repaired. I don’t know much about this but it would be worth you looking into so you don’t get caught out later.

Check the rest of the house carefully for other ‘improvements’. Did you spot the foam and knew what it was or were you just alerted by a survey or similar?

I’ve no answer as to what you should do, maybe get a quote for the roof to be redone correctly (by somebody who works on listed buildings) and take it from there.