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I pay £300 a month. I keep mostly to myself. I don’t have to buy groceries, just add to the weekly list, and will have dinner saved if it’s saveable or I want it, and will sort myself out if not. I do my own washing if I’ve enough for a wash, but mum will always ask if I have any whites/ coloureds/ darks for the wash. I do my own ironing. I have my own bathroom which I clean myself, although technically is a ‘house’ bathroom, but only 3 of us there. I keep my room clean myself so nothing for my mum to do, as I should hope at 26!! She will do the floors if she’s doing the rest of the house and will occasionally dust round if she’s feeling nice, but only because it’s clean and tidy enough for her to do!

I know they’re not saving the money to give back to me though, shame!!