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Mine got tough love. Back then £50 a week, when they got a proper job £100. I keep the door on the bedroom door shut, if they left their clutter in the house it got thrown through the door. I do not clean or hoover their room, but I treat them as adults and do not go through their stuff. They got free food, no bills and car help. To put it into perspective my Monday -Friday lodger pays more and I do not have to feed him.
They did their own washing from the age of 16, and they were bought their own set of towels which they used and washed as they needed them. The only flashpoint was the shared bathroom which drove me mad. It also used to drive me mad the amount of money my youngest daughter spent on cheap clothes, at 16 she had more disposable income than me.
When I first started work I got a £100 a month, the first person I paid was my mum. My mantra is its a home not a hotel, and I worked so why should I be singled out to clear up after people who were no longer children. The funny thing is now they are both tidy, moan about their partners being untidy and both have cleaners.