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I have just finished my course of antibiotics having been diagnosed with a tooth abcess last week.

The pain started on the Monday afternoon – on and off but I could cope.
The Tuesday i was taking regular pain killers and they were taking the pain away.
Tuesday night i was woken with the most immense pain!
I went to the dentist the next day (Wed) and was given the antibiotics.
I had 2 more sleepless nights – the Thursday night being the worst! I even called NHS direct at 01.30am for advise on what I could take as paracetamol/ ibuprofen weren’t working. I couldn’t stay still – I tried a hot water bottle, frozen peas, and luke warm salt water mouth washes – it was truly awful!
Anyway, I swapped the paracetamol for co-codamol which you can take alongside ibuprofen. At first, even they weren’t touching it but gradually they did. You can only take them every 4 hours but i supplemented with the ibuprofen (which you need to make sure you have food with).
I was having to get up to make a piece of toast in the middle of the night so i could take pain killers.

I ended up with a bad tummy too, presumably due to all the tablets!

I spent 4 nights propped up in bed as couldn’t lie down – as soon as I did , it intensified. I also couldn’t touch the tooth, never mind eat on it (and mine is already root canal’d so has no nerve!).

Thankfully it has now abated and I can now eat on it and brush it with the tooth brush.

Hopefully you are not far away from the pain receding – but call your dentist if you are still worried. It is not a pleasant experience!