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I really do know how you feel..One of my teeth has a recurrent abcess my dentist cannot seem to shift. Have just finished a second course of amoxyxillin & metronidazole combined. Root canal next week and I am dreading it.

Oil of cloves can work well – it’s a very old remedy but it numbs the gum. If you now have localised pain rather than general you might be all clear by Weds, but I guess you need to hear what your dentist says. There is no way I would get on a plane with an abcess, but I can be a right wuss.

If you can bear it (I still can’t) hot salt water held in your mouth over the infected bit will deal with surface infection. The heat will draw more blood to the infection site, which is currently carrying antibiotics. That’s what my dentist advised as an addition to the tablets at any rate.

Hope you are better soon, it’s miserable.