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Oh poor you – there is virtually nothing worse!

I think it depends on the abscess as to whether the antibiotics work but they should be having some effect after a couple of days. I had to have a tooth out when I had a particular nasty one and I can’t tell you the relief when it was done, although I still have the gap in my teeth but luckily quite near the back.

The only thing you can do is talk to the dentist tomorrow about the options and get an opinion on if it’s a tooth worth saving or not. I would hope that by next Wednesday, antibiotics would have worked and you could fly.

Just to cheer you up, when I had my tooth out some years ago, my regular dentist was away and I had to have his partner. He looked more like a vet than a dentist and he kept patting my shoulder and saying “good girl, good girl” which made me laugh even through the grimness of the whole experience!