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I’d 100000% recommend Croatia. Would highly recommend:
Dubrovnik – we stayed slightly outside the city centre – much cheaper and v easy to get into city on bus. The most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, and surrounded by amazing islands that you can stay on/visit. Lots of AMAZING beaches up to an hour’s drive from the city. The cable car and mountain-top restaurant are stunning.
Split – another lovely city, a bit more night-lifey than Dubrovnik. Close to Krka National Park – breathtaking, the most amazing place. Again, incredibly beautiful beaches, totally unspoilt.
Zadar – Plitvice Lakes!!

It’s easily the nicest country I’ve been to in ages. Dubrovnik is pricey (standard European city prices), but the other cities are cheaper. Food is incredible – seems to take the best bits from a load of different cultures (think Italian/Spanish, lots of sea food). The people are SO nice, incredibly welcoming. Has some of the most beautiful lakes/waterfalls I’ve ever seen. We rented a car and driving was pretty easy, not as terrifying as Spain!