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Thanks all. I was worried I was being irrational. I go on holiday to spain for a week at the end of June and I’d really like to have another job lined up to come back to.
We are a small team of 5- me and a colleague at the bottomed, the 2 managers then their boss who is responsible overall for the team. My colleague leaves in 2 weeks as he’s had enough, although he’s done it under the guise of taking a job nearer to home. My manager is fully aware but doesn’t seem to feed it up to his boss. That said, I think the big boss as it were does know there is issues (there was a point last year he sat me and the other manager in a room and made us try to talk things out) and whilst maybe it’s being picked up behind the scenes, it doesn’t feel like anything is changing. I feel like I’m going to start sounding like I have a bee in my bonnet if I say anything else to my own manager