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I was going to say that you should have been in the pub then anyway but I note you were with some scouts so that makes it a bit difficult.

It could have been worse. One Summer I went camping with my 12 year old son outside Peterhead. The second night we were there was the start of the Aberdeen holidays. We got back from a days fishing to find the campsite packed out and tents pitched about 2 feet away on either side of us. The one on the right being one of those big double roomed dome things.

As we drifted off to sleep that evening it became abundantly clear that the people in the big double tent were having group sex in the room about 1 metre from my son’t head. Tent fabric is not a good sound insulator but I suppose you’re aware of that having become overly familiar with Now That’s What I Call Chavvy Crap 2018.