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If you have big areas to plant/clear, you can put down thick card and manure on top. The card will kill off the weeds and break down, at which point the worms drag manure into the soil.

If you want wildflowers, don’t feed the soil. They do better on poor soil so leave off the manure for that bit.

Lots of veg does well in pots – I use 42L trugs to grow carrots, peas, raspberries, yacon, salsify, root parsley and runner/climbing beans in, but I am lucky & have an allotment to grow the rest in. In terms of compost, I choose to use peat-free as peat bogs are a dwindling resource. SylvaGrow, Dalefoot and the new MiracleGro peatfree offering are all reliably good brands of those – I had dire results from GroSure.