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Quite small problems in your feet can make life miserable! Both of mine have been seriously rearranged by my association with horses over the years – most of my toes have been broken – sometimes quite a few at once – all my small toes turn upwards and the great toes have nails that curl inwards – my arthritis just loves to make a nuisance down there! Once I managed to drop the towbar of our yard 10 ton muck cart on my right foot and watched in kind of slow motion as the steel toe cap of my safety boot collapsed – me toe was comprehensively smashed and during the THREE years it took to fully recover I could have cheerfully amputated it ( with a chainsaw) to lessen the pain!
About a year ago I suddenly realised that some new lumps on toe joints were making balancing and walking a challenge so I went to a pukka podiatrist too (NHS so free) and she made a couple of little squashy rubber gadgets to fit between the toes – total cure. So if you do have problems – go to a specialist!